Trutech Machinery is a leading supplier of Flexo ruling Machine, School Book Binding Machine and spare parts for a complete range of school notebook machinery and paper converting machinery. The company is located in Ahmedabad- Gujarat, which is one of the leading industrial hubs in the country. With an in-house design team and exceptional functional and technical expertise coupled with over 30 years of industry knowledge and close associations makes us the ideal choice for providing you the right solution for your needs.

Investment For Profits

Original TruTech products are manufactured under the superior specifications and manufacturing process as your world class equipment. Our parts are better in terms of price competitiveness with better quality and manufacturing standards.


Highest level of Results Assured... Choices are available in market but we understand what is most suitable for your machine or equipment. Top level performance is assured due to highest quality parts.


With latest technology for quality testing and quality control, our machines & parts are accepted based on longer life and reliability which are inspected at all levels. Acceptance of our products is proven and dependable in world market.


TruTech Products are superior in comparison with industry standards. Material, tolerance and ease of installation will give you a feeling of different and better. Having good technical expertise and ability to make perfect products from perfect parts gives us satisfaction.

Our Vision

To design and offer across the globe an eco-friendly, energy efficient, maintenance free & technologically superior products. We Strive for enhanced customer satisfaction by fullfilling all the business committments like timely delivery, prompt after sales service and taking pride in getting repeat order from our valued clients.

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Our Mission

Our goal is to be truly unique in our ability to work with customers to provide ingenious product solutions at unbelievable low price mainly it affordable for all segments of Industries everybody can afford.

  • To achieve highest possible customer satisfaction, driven by honesty, integrity & commitment to excellence.
  • To provide fast, efficient, customized products that best suit our customer's needs.

Choice For Providing You The Right Solution For Your Needs.