School Book Binding Machine Without Cutting
Product Description

TRUTECH School Book Binding Machine is for binding soft title cover staple pin type exercise notebook consisting of manual bunch feeding table, wire stitching unit, folding unit, square back pressing unit, bunch delivery unit, in-built control panel with automatic lubrication system.

Detail Description - Unit Wise
  • Manual Bunch Feeding Table : Manual bunch feeding table will be provided
  • Stitching Unit : Stitching unit is fitted with Hohner (Germany) Stitching heads, GI round stitching wire of suitable gauge
  • Folding Unit : Folding via folding knife to centrally fold stitched book blocks by pressing with two knurling steel rollers
  • Square Back Pressing Unit : Mechanical square back pressing system with cam follower bearing.
  • Bunch Delivery Unit : Bunch delivery for manual take-off
  • Lubrication : Centralized lubrication system
  • Control Panel : Electronic control panel suitable for operating all electrical and electronic function
Technical Specification
Converting Strokes * 40 per minute
Maximum number of ups 4 ups
Bunch Width Maximum 1040 mm
Minimum 600 mm
Bunch Length Maximum 450 mm
Minimum 290 mm
Sheet Bunch Maximum 50 Sheets (200 Pages)
Minimum 6 Sheets (24 Pages)
Stitching Thickness 5 mm / 8 MM
Stitching Heads
(Brand: Hohner, Germany)
9 stitching heads
Power (Total) Approx 9 KW

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